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Self-worth: Defn: A deep connection to your inherent value combined with an unconditional friendship with yourself allowing you to access 100% of your personal power. 

Resilience. Creativity. Confidence. Focus. Energy. Joy. These are some of the core building blocks and the rewards of a life well lived, of meaningful work, of a fulfilling business. They’re present when you’re strongly anchored in self-worth.

In contrast, when the speed and style of our demanding lives overwhelm us, when competition, conditioning and comparison erode that connection, we feel and act very differently.

We doubt ourselves. We’re fearful of being judged, of not being enough. We procrastinate, second guessing the value of our voice and opinions. We squander our energy trying to prove our right to be at the table and in the room.

It's never a question of are you worthy, only how will you express your worth.


To contribute at our full capacity for our families, in our workplaces and through our businesses, we need to reconnect to our unique worthiness. That’s when we can take consistent, confident action on our goals, navigate change and meet our responsibilities with far greater ease.

It’s in this state that we work at our highest potential as employees, managers, parents, partners, business owners, artists, teachers, caregivers - in all areas of work and life!

Explore the quiz, free masterclass and programs below, and you're most welcome to get in touch so we can explore the benefits of a self-worth reconnection program for you and your team.

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