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Self-worth: Defn: A deep connection to your inherent value combined with an unconditional friendship with yourself allowing you to access 100% of your personal power. 

There's a lot on our plates today in lives that are increasingly complex and uncertain.

And as we juggle our commitments and goals, competition, conditioning and comparison often generate self-doubt, making us procrastinate and second-guess the value of our voice and opinions. We can squander our energy trying to prove that value in our careers, in our businesses and in our relationships.

It's exhausting trying to meet external and internal expectations.

We'd like to suggest a new approach that provides consistent access to your natural resilience, creativity, confidence, focus, energy and joy.

An approach where you can stop questioning if your skills are enough, if your experience is enough, if your choices are enough, if you are enough.

It's time to anchor yourself with self-worth.

It's never a question of are you worthy, only how will you express your worth.


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To contribute at our full capacity in our families, workplaces and businesses, we need to approach the world from a foundation of self-worth. That’s when we can truly value ourselves and take consistent, confident action on our goals, navigate change and meet our responsibilities with far greater ease.

It’s in this state that we are able to contribute at our full capacity as employees, managers, parents, partners, business owners, artists, teachers, caregivers - in all areas of work and life!

The Centre for Self-Worth blends the tools of positive psychology, neuroscience, ACT, mindfulness, self-leadership, coaching and more as we bring the fresh and powerful approach of self-worth to the challenge of living and working with energy, resilience and confidence in today's world.

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