Feedback - what it's like to work together

Melissa Healy

Melissa Healy

I’ve had a personal executive coach before and that was a little helpful but a Mastermind is much better.  I didn’t always think my old coach ‘understood’ my challenges juggling everything and/or the challenges of running a real business (versus being a one person consultant).  With this Mastermind, I know that the likeminded and experienced business women in our group really ‘get it’ more and when four people tell you that you are great /right/ wrong/ whatever, you believe them. When you have the opportunity to be regularly exposed to four different perspectives, at least one of them will resonate on any particular issue.

Personally – I’ve often felt some things were not quite right in my business, but couldn’t quite work out why and therefore what to do about it. My Mastermind collaborators have helped me to drill down much deeper to identify what the real issues and causes are … which then helps work out what to do about it.  I have improved clarity and therefore, increasing self-confidence.

And business wise – I’ve had my sanity restored through having a sounding board to work out “Am I imagining things? Is it just me? What is reasonable/not reasonable?” I’ve developed different and better ways of approaching things, how to prioritise, how to listen better, how to think more broadly, deeply and creatively, how to communicate better. I’ve improved my sales skills too.

If you want unconditional support and a different perspective (or the honest truth!) from a group of like-minded ladies who understand the ups & downs and challenges of running a business … who can help you fine tune your strategies and act as a sounding board (and reality check) for your new ideas, who can provide great advice on everything from how to handle cranky clients or difficult employees, how to prioritise and juggle everything on your plate, how to evaluate opportunities versus jumping onto the next bright shiny thing as well as providing the space to share your success stories.

Angela’s unconditional love and support and honest feedback and bloody persistence in drilling down and insisting that things can and should be different – provides the reassurance and confidence to make the necessary changes to my business. She has an amazing ability to ask the right questions and keep focused on the important things necessary to make our businesses successful. She gives us the confidence to go make it happen!

All I can say is join one of Angela’s Masterminds – Just do it!