Appreciate and leverage your uniqueness
With the power of an Instinctive Drives® Profile

How can I stop comparing myself to others?

The Comparison Trap is my personal Achilles heel, and I've always been on the lookout for ways to navigate around this danger zone.

Comparing yourself to others makes us feel inadequate, not enough, a little bit hopeless, even like you're just not trying hard enough.

But what if those feelings or beliefs are just not true at all?

What if it's actually a case of just not yet having the keys to unlock a new level of personal insight and the simple, practical strategies that can transform how you feel, live and work?

There is power in knowing what drives you

When I discovered how an Instinctive Drives Profile can help stop you from comparing yourself to others and build your sense of self-worth, I was excited and quickly chose to become a Certified Facilitator.

An Instinctive Drives Profile is a little bit magical, but strongly evidence-based with a 30-year history. It provides a transformative understanding of your unique self, skills, strengths and more. The insight it provides is a core component of the ANCHOR framework of the Centre - it helps to anchor your sense of self-worth so you can focus on your purpose and goals with more ease and confidence.

Let's leverage your uniqueness

The Instinctive Drives® profile reveals your innate drives and motivations, uncovering exactly what you need to be at your best – personally and professionally.

When you do things in the way that works for you, you will:

  • Understand, appreciate and leverage what is unique about you
  • Give yourself permission to redesign components of your life, career, or business in the ways that feel right for you
  • Achieve your goals faster with greater ease and more fulfilment
  • Find relationships more rewarding, productive and fun
  • Enjoy higher and more consistent levels of energy, motivation, health and well-being
  • Significantly reduce feelings of stress, frustration, overwhelm and burnout
  • Significantly increase your sense of purpose
  • Ultimately, experience more of life at your own personal ‘peak performance’

Paul Burgess created Instinctive Drives® in 1991 after being fascinated with what motivates humans and what they need to operate at their best. He concluded that when people have the ability to do things that align with their innate drives and motivations, they will see the results they want, be fulfilled, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and build better relationships with others.

An understanding of your Instinctive Drives, helps you to live each day ‘in the zone’ with energy, focus, excitement and a strong sense of connection to purpose because you can embrace the natural way of doing things that works best for you.

How does an Instinctive Drives® help with buiding self-worth?

As someone with a huge interest in psychology and personal growth, I’ve taken several “personality style” tests and profiles in the past - Myers Briggs, DISC, Kolbe, Behavioural Styles, and Enneagram to name the biggies. But I had never felt more seen and understood and seen more new opportunities in my business and life than I did with Instinctive Drives. That's why I became a Certified ID Partner.

Your Instinctive Drives™ experience will help you understand and appreciate your unique self and step out of the comparison trap.

When you begin to understand what you need to be at your best; the natural talents you can leverage and the natural vulnerabilities to watch out for, life just seems to make more sense

The practical strategies tailored to your profile provided in your personal debrief open the door to more ease and confidence.

Stop comparing yourself to others - value your unique self with an Instinctive Drives Profile

How will the Debrief help me stop comparing myself to others?

Unlike other profiling tools that measure behaviour and personality, the Instinctive Drives® system gets to the heart of how you’re naturally wired.

The profile:

  • Identifies core drives and motivations rather than personality or behaviour, enabling a deep level of insight and personal ‘ah-ha moments’ that endure over time.
  • Offers practical, targeted strategies that deliver better results faster: clients say knowing their I.D helps them to quickly move from realisation to action.
  • Provides a clear way to leverage your natural way of doing things with greater ease and enjoyment, leading to a stronger sense of purpose, confidence and fulfilment
  • Helps to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of others and how to best communicate and engage with them, so you’re able to build better personal and professional relationships.

We primarily utilise the insights to help our students stop comparing themselves to other people and focus on leveraging their unique selves instead - this knowledge helps to unlock your more.

Your Investment?

Just $395 AUD (plus GST if you are an Australian Resident)

How does knowing Your Instinctive Drives help?

Karen Porter Instinctive Drives Profile

Karen Porter

Strategic Communication Specialist | B Consultant |
Impact Consultant

"I think understanding yourself is really important, especially if you know you have more potential than you’re currently reaching. I now no longer need to try and fit myself into someone else’s ‘this is how all business owners reach success’ box. I’ve never been a fan of that approach but, you read the books, do the courses and wonder what’s wrong with you. I now understand more about the way I work and will stop feeling guilty about ‘doing it all wrong'. I can stop resisting being me!"

Ready to understand and value yourself more?

You can book your Instinctive Drives Profile today - you'll receive access to the profile questionnaire via email with a unique code. Once it's completed you'll receive your detailed report and a second link to book your one-hour personal debrief to discuss your results and the potential changes you'll implement.