Build the resilience and confidence of your staff

You can build the resilience and confidence of your team and increase creativity and collaboration by focusing on nurturing their self-belief.

In our challenging and changing world, it's essential for your people to have the confidence to step up and contribute their ideas. To focus on how they can be useful and add value, without fear of criticism or judgement holding them back. We need them to be open to new experiences and to have the courage to take the opportunities that are presented to them.

The Rise Program facilitates this individual developmental journey as a shared experience, helping to transform your team with resilient, creative, confident people who actively collaborate together, rather than compete with one another.

Self-Worth provides this new approach to success.

How do we increase confidence and self-esteem?

It may surprise you to learn that's not actually the best question to ask

Confidence, resilience, creativity, collaboration, resourcefulness, and leadership are all results flowing from something else - a foundation state of self-worth.

A strong connection to Self-Worth is absolutely essential for growth and achieving success.

What’s the difference you may wonder?

Some important distinctions



The reputation you have with yourself i.e. your personal positive or negative evaluations, it is primarily built upon sources outside of yourself that you can't actually control and so can fluctuate wildly



The confidence you have in your power and abilities i.e. your positive belief that you can generally accomplish what you set out to do. As it is subject to circumstances it fluctuates.


Self worth

Your intrinsic sense of worth as a person. It comes from within, is stable and as it's not contingent upon your behaviour or the opinions of others, it provides a strong foundation for contribution and fulfilment.

A commitment to strengthening the self-worth of your staff is like enriching the soil the crop is planted in, rather than simply sprinkling water on the leaves you can see.

It’s a long-term strategy yielding deep returns.

Some of the benefits of being anchored in self-worth

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Robust Resilience: Swift recovery from setbacks (The Bouncibility or Tigger Factor!)

Enhanced Teamwork: thanks to embracing common purpose vs. ego & competition

Contribution focus instead of validation and approval seeking

Heightened positivity thanks to an opportunity and usefulness focus that comes from embracing curiosity

Increased Creativity as you're more open to learning and growing

Deeper Courage to deal with uncertainty and change and to take smart risks for growth

Improved confidence, energy and focus because you’re no longer at the mercy of an inner tyrant, your inner critic

When we drop the need for self-evaluation or to prove ourselves, we develop courage and can contribute more freely


Who is this Program for?

The RISE program will benefit all professionals, team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to contribute value, collaborate, build rapport, lead with calm assurance and reach their full potential in their professional and personal lives.

It’s especially useful for anyone who has experienced low confidence or imposter syndrome (which can be common for new recruits or newly promoted individuals) or has experienced setbacks that have damaged their belief in themselves.

What does the RISE for teams program cover?

The Rise Program is a 10-week, three-stage group coaching experience, a guided journey out of self-doubt and into clarity and strong self-worth.

In this program, participants will learn important principles, practices, and tools to build, strengthen and maintain their sense of worth and value.

When individuals are anchored in this sense of self, they are open to challenges and growth and are able to contribute at a higher level, as they feel far more confident in themselves, their skills and their ideas.

RISE is also available as a one on one personal coaching intensive.

The RISE experience

Part One

We explore the concept of self-worth from experiential and neuroscience angles and see how comparison, conditioning, competition and culture are at work under the surface to disconnect you from your innate sense of worth and value.

Mindfulness, ACT and positive psychology insights will enhance your understanding of the social constructs of doubt and shame and how to navigate yourself back to your natural state of worthiness.

Self-confidence is the result of this anchored self-worth.


Part Two

We now work through the Self-Worth Anchor Points,

  • Accepting and appreciating your unique self
  • Naming and working with your emotions
  • Developing a compassionate inner dialogue
  • Connecting to your higher purpose to fuel your actions
  • Ensuring your perspective of self and others is open-minded
  • Developing a set of grounded personal rituals to support your growth

These foundation skills are at the heart of a strong, sustainable self-worth connection.

Improve your confidence with The Self-Worth Anchor Points - Centre for Self Worth with Angela Raspass

Part Three

Now that you have anchored yourself back into your sense of self-worth, you will master the simple and powerful self-coaching RISE process that ensures you can right yourself when an experience, or your own thoughts, knock you off track and down into self-doubt again.

Anchor - RISE - Anchor - Rise - it's a dynamic, powerful combination that can be quickly, and invisibly, used in any situation such as:

  • During internal meetings
  • On sales calls
  • Before making a presentation
  • During interviews



Build your self-confidence with the Rise Process - Centre for Self Worth with Angela Raspass

Outcomes of the RISE Program

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify where they sit on the Self-Worth Continuum at any point in time and choose from a range of tools to boost their level of calm, confidence and presence
  • Understand the links between self-worth, self-confidence and self-efficacy (personal power)
  • Step out of their comfort zone and embrace their “growth edges”
  • Break through limiting stories.
  • Recognise the thinking distortions that can weaken their ability to freely contribute ideas, feedback and ability to build rapport and act and how to use cognitive reframing instead
  • Broaden their emotional vocabulary so they are able to be a clear, confident communicator and recognise when they need to step up, step in or step back
  • Challenge automatic negative thoughts, using four simple steps
  • Understand how to work “in stride”, aligned with their natural talents and strengths
  • Reduce fear of failure, by adopting a growth mindset and a self-compassionate internal dialogue
  • Understand how to utilise powerful “Identity” habits instead of short term “Outcome” habits
  • Master the perspective shifts that allow them to easily move self-doubt to self-belief and from competition to collaboration

The RISE Program is delivered in four stages

no.1 (1)

Group presentation via ZOOM where the ANCHOR principles of self-worth reconnection are shared. This two-hour session featured break out rooms for active discussion about and application of the core concepts.

no.2 (1)

Each participant completed their own Instinctive Drives© profile, receiving a comprehensive, personal report and access to deep dive videos.


All participants are given access to the Centre for Self-Worth online Training Portal where the program materials reside alongside a library of additional resources and reading materials.

These short, focused video training and downloadable exercises are designed to be completed in a “flipped classroom” format where the content is completed before attending a group coaching call to discuss the concepts and ensure all questions are addressed, and progress and insights are celebrated!

Access to the course materials and the library is provided for a 12-month period at no extra charge.


The RISE experience includes discussions, strengths and drives assessments, reflection, quizzes, activities, exercises, and practices.

The Self-Worth Continuum

The Self-Worth Continuum© is a key personal orientation tool that is explored in the Rise Program. Self-worth connection is a fluid concept, not a linear experience, and participants will discover how and why it can fluctuate under different circumstances and more importantly, they will master the RISE process to quickly bounce back up and re-anchor themselves in calm, confident self-support again.


I’m delighted to meet you!

Hello, I'm Angela Raspass

I'm the Founder of the Centre for Self Worth, and I'd like to share a little of my back story with you.

The roots of my work are found in the lessons I learned in the Recovery Movement (I became sober in 2006). They've allowed me to excavate and reconnect with my self-worth, banish Imposter Syndrome and escape the Comparison Trap.

Those lessons were at the core of my decision to begin my next chapter in 2012, to close my marketing agency and let go of my staff as I pivoted from consulting to mentoring.

I continue to facilitate VIP Days and Retreats for my business clients through my personal website, and my passion project, this Centre for Self Worth is where my commitment to helping people navigate the path from self-doubt to self-worth shines.

I've combined my personal journey with studies in neuroscience, positive psychology, Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT), mindfulness, strengths, Instinctive drives and more to create the Rise Program, so you can enjoy resilience, confidence, creativity, courage and the endless opportunities that self-worth reconnection delivers.

The RISE Program is the result.

Now you can support your staff to enjoy the resilience, confidence, creativity, courage and results that self-worth reconnection delivers.

A focus on self-worth is the approach that delivers lasting change.

Angela Raspass - Centre for Self Worth Founder

Let’s explore how we can help your team to Rise