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Can you imagine your life without all the self-doubt?

How can I be more confident?

That's a question I hear a lot.

I often speak with people who know they are holding themselves back and are tired of it. They want to step into something new, stretch and grow, pursue their dreams, share their ideas more confidently, and make a bigger contribution to the world.

You may have been thinking like this for some time now, but you've pushed it aside. Perhaps not expanding or changing direction, because you're not sure you're ready.

It's frustrating. But it can also feel safe. Comfortable.

Because if you don't take a chance, speak up, ask for more, or do what really calls you, you can't fail.

These are some of the common feelings.

  • You feel you lack clarity. "What is it that I actually want to do or change?" are questions that can leave you... uncertain. Clarity is important, and a lack of belief in yourself can make it elusive.
  • Even if you know what you want, doubt and comparison hold you back. Your Inner Critic tells you exactly how you don't measure up, Imposter Syndrome kicks in or you get stuck in the Comparison Trap.
  • You outsource your worthiness, waiting for other people to affirm your value and open doors for you. And you get left behind.

Although you might not actually go around saying out loud that you're not good enough, we've had so many people share with us that "it's how I feel inside".

Self-doubt can keep you stuck and unfulfilled. Purpose can slip away. And resignation can flatten you.


How do I know this?

Because I've been there. And I've seen the same self-limiting thoughts and behaviours play out for so many people just like you.

It's not your lack of imagination, talent or experience that holds you back from reaching your full potential. It's how you see yourself and what you consciously, or unconsciously, believe about yourself.

I know how it feels to be stuck in the gap between where you are and where you want to be, at a loss as to how to close that gap. I know how it feels to be frustrated, disappointed and resigned.

Fortunately, I also know the way out of such a place.

You can borrow my belief in you until you have it for yourself.

It’s time to build your capacity to create and embrace change

How would it feel to really trust yourself?

To own your worth and fully express and leverage your value?

To be able to explore options and possibilities that spark your curiosity and kickstart your heart?

To make choices that support your growth and authenticity?

When you let go of comparison and the old, unsupportive stories about not being enough, the world opens up.

In the Rise Program, you'll develop the practices skills and tools that not only strongly anchor your sense of worth, but also enable you to reconnect to this place of power when life throws you curve balls and knocks you off course.

You'll be free to joyfully contribute to the world at 100% of your capacity.

I’m delighted to meet you!

Hello, I'm Angela Raspass

I'm the Founder of the Centre for Self Worth, and I'd like to share a little of my back story with you.

The lessons I learned in the Recovery Movement (my sobriety journey began in 2006) have opened my eyes and my heart. They've allowed me to understand the value of self-worth. They've helped me to sidestep Imposter Syndrome and find ways to escape the Comparison Trap. I've written a new story of enoughness, and once you know your value, once you change from the inside out, it can never be "business as usual" again.

I realised although I had built a textbook "successful business" by leveraging my skills and following the shoulds, those strategies just weren't working for me anymore. I knew that bigger does not necessarily mean better and that skills are important but values, even more so. My business was no longer a fit for the woman I'd become.

Those lessons were at the core of my decision to begin my next chapter in 2012, to close my marketing agency and let go of my staff as I pivoted from consulting to mentoring.

I continue to facilitate VIP Days and Retreats for my business clients through my personal website, and my passion project, this Centre for Self Worth is where my commitment to helping people navigate the path from self-doubt to self-worth shines.

I've combined my personal journey with studies in neuroscience, positive psychology, Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT), mindfulness, strengths, Instinctive drives, and more to create the Rise Program, so you can enjoy resilience, confidence, creativity, courage, and the endless possibilities that self-worth reconnection delivers.

Angela Raspass - Centre for Self Worth Founder

Who is The Rise Program designed for?

If you're frustrated by a sense of knowing that you've not yet reached your potential, contributed what you are capable of, or committed to what you're really aching to do, this program will help you to unlock your more.

If you are:

  • Tired of listening to the negative voice inside, but not sure how to quieten it
  • Wanting to pursue a promotion or a new career path, but keep holding yourself back
  • At a significant life crossroads - perhaps finishing studying, facing an empty nest, ending a marriage or other significant relationship, and feeling discombobulated and unsure
  • Keen to start a business, change the direction of the one you already have or simply launch a new service... but it just stays on the drawing board
  • Stuck in comparison, feeling less than, not enough, or that you've left it too late
  • Unsure of how to turn your ideas into reality, stuck in procrastination or perfectionism
  • Berating yourself - surely you "should have it together?"
  • Spending a lot of time feeling isolated, without like-minded people you can truly connect with

The Rise program will help you to turn the page and begin a new chapter with your heart and mind wide open.

How does the Rise Program build your confidence?

The Rise Program is a 10-week, three-stage personal or group coaching experience, a guided journey out of self-doubt and into clarity and strong self-worth.

Part One

We explore the concept of self-worth from experiential and neuroscience angles and see how comparison, conditioning, competition and culture are at work under the surface to disconnect you from your innate sense of worth and value.

Mindfulness, ACT and positive psychology insights will enhance your understanding of the social constructs of doubt and shame and how to navigate yourself back to your natural state of worthiness.

Self-confidence is the result of this anchored self-worth.


Part Two

We now work through the Self-Worth Anchor Points.

  • Accepting and appreciating your unique self
  • Naming and working with your emotions
  • Developing a compassionate inner dialogue
  • Connecting to your higher purpose to fuel your actions
  • Ensuring your perspective of yourself, life and others is open-minded
  • Developing a set of grounded personal rituals to support your growth

These foundational practices are at the heart of a strong, sustainable self-worth connection.

Improve your confidence with The Self-Worth Anchor Points - Centre for Self Worth with Angela Raspass

Part Three

Now that you have anchored yourself back into your sense of self-worth, you will master the simple and powerful self-coaching RISE process that ensures you can right yourself when an experience, or your own thoughts, knock you off track and down into self-doubt again.

Anchor - RISE - Anchor - RISE - it's a dynamic, powerful, and fluid combination.

Build your self-confidence with the Rise Process - Centre for Self Worth with Angela Raspass

The Rise Program experience includes:

  • An Instinctive Drives profile, a brilliant system that reveals your innate drives and motivations – your natural, instinctive way of operating, allowing you to be at your best, every day.
  • Access to a focused video-based pre-learning curriculum covering the principles, tools and practices of self-worth reconnection, grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology, ACT, strengths, mindfulness and my own, invaluable recovery movement lessons
  • Weekly group coaching calls in a safe, confidential and incredibly supportive environment. This is when we discuss and implement the ANCHOR and RISE concepts, guiding you through the curriculum and addressing any questions you have
  • Exercises and challenges to complete between sessions to reinforce and expand your new insights
  • Recommendations for further reading and viewing (books, articles, apps, Ted Talks and more)
  • Membership in a private online community for support, encouragement and friendship

Your new skills will be sustainable, enduring and easily accessible

The Self-Worth Continuum

The Self-Worth Continuum© is a key personal orientation tool that you will explore in the Rise Program. Self-worth connection is a fluid concept, not a linear experience, and you will discover how and why it can fluctuate under different circumstances and more importantly, how you can master the RISE process to quickly bounce back up and re-anchor yourself in calm, confident self-support again.

The Self Worth Continuum - Angela Raspass

A whole new world opens up when you believe in yourself

What will become possible when you Rise?

It's time to expand, grow and unlock your more.

Build your confidence - Enrol in the Rise Program

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