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Take the Self-Worth Quiz and begin to Unlock Your More

Take the self-worth quiz

The Self-Worth Quiz has 30 questions and will take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete. As you choose each answer, you will be taken to the next question. You will discover if you have Strong, Sound, Developing or Disconnected self-worth.

Your result is not a reflection on you as a person; rather it’s a reflection of how you perceive and feel about yourself. It’s a point on a continuum that you are able to maintain or lift with the help of some simple shifts in your thinking and daily practices.

It’s important to be honest in your scoring for an accurate assessment.  It’s also essential that you answer the statements in alignment with how you actually feel or behave, rather than how you think you should.

At the end of the quiz, when we share your result on the screen, you can also choose to download a rather useful Self-Worth Guide. We trust it will be helpful!

Self-worth is a state of unconditional loyalty to and friendship with yourself.

It's the foundation of all personal growth. When you have a strong connection to your inherent worth as an individual, you have access to your full personal power.

Competition, comparison and cultural conditioning disconnect you from this truth and can stop you from expanding into your full potential.

Unlocking your more begins with awareness, and this quiz is designed to help you understand where you sit on the self-worth scale today, so you can begin to take the actions that lift your confidence, resilience, and creativity tomorrow.